I’ve always found it perfectly reasonable to ask questions. In the last decade especially I’ve been asking more and more questions in relation to the subject of climate change – how it affects our health and the viability of the web of life around us. As an environmentalist and keen pupil of the book of nature I was aware of increasing changes around me – plants maturing too early or too late, insects out of season, migratory birds seemingly no longer following regular patterns. I can see that anyone who really cares about our planet and the future of our children might become progressively militant in regards to this topic. But what if our genuine concern was knowingly being used against us?

Increasingly, governments around the world (many with ties to an unelected body called the World Economic Forum), have promoted the concept of climate change as a direct consequence of human folly. Recently, huge protests are erupting around the world, particularly in Holland where farmers are protesting the unrealistic demands of mass herd culling to meet climate change “objectives”. Carbon taxes, an end to petrol-driven cars, the cessation of traditional farming, mass animal culls, travel restrictions, and lashings of doom mongering are being inflicted upon the World to force what may be a highly nefarious agenda.

Of course, the only way to an informed opinion on this subject is to do your own research.

The following documentary presents the case that the ongoing use of patented technologies are directly responsible for creating environmental havoc, seriously damaging our health and compromising eco-systems across the planet – intentionally. If this is the case then climate change is a scam, but one with serious consequences. The world needs to know the truth, so it is time for uncensored discussion and difficult questions.