Welcome to the Belfast Herbalist website

Welcome to the Belfast Herbalist website

I am a Belfast-based traditional herbalist and registered naturopath available for private consultation.

Herbal Medicine

Plants have been used since the dawn of time to heal and prevent illness and to restore health naturally. Herbalists select and formulate remedies which suit your individual health needs. Rather than simply offering a one-size-fits-all natural ‘alternative’ to prescription drugs, we use a comprehensive consultation to check what systems of the body may need support and formulate a specific remedy just for you. This bespoke service is unique to herbal medicine. To find out more about how herbal medicine can help, whatever the problem, why not book an appointment today?

Nutritional Therapy

We need to eat essential nutrients in order to stay healthy and function optimally. Many of the symptoms we experience can be associated with low levels of essential vitamins and minerals; indeed, the common misunderstanding of what constitutes the mythical ‘balanced diet’ is probably the number one cause of disease. Our emphasis is on encouraging everyone to understand their own role in creating their health, rather than expecting a magic bullet. Part of our full service involves reviewing your current diet, and using evidence-based information to help you take control. To find out more, book in with us today.

Functional Testing

We partner with approved and state-of-the-art laboratory services to provide a functional analysis of core body systems, offering a wide range of lab tests including but not limited to hormone profiling, comprehensive stool analysis, food intolerance testing, DNA and paristology. Precise clinical information gives key data which may otherwise be difficult to ascertain and allows for more targeted approaches. Functional testing is included in our full service but may be added, at additional cost, at any time. To find out more on the tests we have on offer, visit our appointments page to book today.

Natural Health

Naturopathy is a modern term for using ancient lifestyle advice and natural therapies based on early Hippocratic theory. It considers all the areas of life which affect our health and over which we have some degree of influence – such as diet, exercise, air quality, sleep, clean water, detoxification and emotional outlook – and encourages a natural approach to health and promotes an outlook of living with rather than against Nature. We do not get sick from bad luck, but by living life the wrong way. Part of our protocol is to help you to understand your own role in harnessing your health. Why not book in and find out more?