What To Expect

I offer a range of services at the clinic no matter what condition or symptoms you may have, and no matter what stage of life you are at.

The initial appointment is scheduled at 60-90 minutes. During this time we will go through a questionnaire which covers your current concerns, symptom picture, previous medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle, a systems analysis and if necessary physical examination. (You are entitled to bring a chaperone when you attend).

Please bring along key information such as medical diagnosis, prescribed medications currently in use, recent scans or blood tests. You can also forward them by email.

herbs in mortar and pestle
herbs in mortar and pestle

This comprehensive approach provides information that is then used to create a protocol which is unique to you. This involves bespoke herbal remedies and adjunct advice on diet and lifestyle, tailor made to your individual needs.

Monthly follow up meetings are thereafter scheduled at 30 minutes, and involve discussing progress and refining your protocol as need arises. I also offer a range of optional lab tests including hormone profiling, digestive stool analysis, parasitology, food intolerance testing, heavy metal burden and DNA among others. These tests incur a separate charge from the appointment fees.

The Full Naturopathic Protocol

The Full Naturopathic Protocol is a separate service requiring block-booking and involves more in-depth diet and lifestyle coaching, functional testing, meal planning, exercise regimes, meditation skills, weight loss programs, iridology assessment and more.

A deposit is required to confirm your first appointment and will be deducted from your fee on the day. Full prices are listed on the Payments page. You can pay online in advance for all appointments or by cash only on the day.

I hope that you will consider investigating the benefits that holistic medicine has to offer. There is never a better time to book an appointment than now.

Nutritional Therapy

We need to eat essential nutrients in order to stay healthy and function optimally. Many of the symptoms we experience can be associated with low levels of essential vitamins and minerals; indeed, the common misunderstanding of what constitutes the mythical ‘balanced diet’ is probably the number one cause of disease. My emphasis is on encouraging everyone to understand their own role in creating their health, rather than expecting a magic bullet. Part of my full service involves reviewing your current diet, and using evidence-based information to help you take control.

Functional Testing

We partner with approved and state-of-the-art laboratory services to provide a functional analysis of core body systems, offering a wide range of lab tests including but not limited to hormone profiling, comprehensive stool analysis, food intolerance testing, DNA and paristology. Precise clinical information gives key data which may otherwise be difficult to ascertain and allows for more targeted approaches. Functional testing isn’t included in as part of the consultation but may be added, at additional cost, at any time. To find out more on the tests I have on offer, visit my appointments page to book today.

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